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Private Guided Beach Tour

Located minutes from Imperial Beach, our Sea Shore beach ride takes you down the beautiful stretch of white sand to the Tijuana River Valley Nature Preserve. Walk right along the shoreline waves and don’t be surprised to see dolphins & seals make cameo appearances on this tranquil tour.


$100/rider approx. 2 hrs
(spend approx. half hour on the beach)

$130/rider approx. 3 hrs
(spend approx. 1-1.5 hours on the beach)


Swim Adventure

This tour is for the slightly more adventurous souls who are seeking more than just a tranquil horseback ride. Riders actually get to take the horses in the ocean. So plan on getting plenty wet. As much as we would want everyone to experience this, we do not recommend this tour for first-time or nervous riders.


$150/rider approx. 3 hrs
(Tour begins during daily LOW tide)


Riverbed Trail Adventure

Be one with nature and take our Riverbed Trail tour through the Tijuana River Valley Nature Preserve. Seasonal wild raspberries, Nasturtium flowers, and wild roses decorate this peaceful trail. Let's not forget a riverbed as well. It’s the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of just about anything. Namast-hay!


$50/rider approx. 1 hr
$75/rider approx. 1.5 hrs


Sunset Beach Tour

Happy Trails can get romantic too. We offer Sunset tours for those with love jones’, celebrating anniversaries, or just wanting to lower their blood pressure. But, safety comes first. In order to avoid riding in the dark, you’ll catch the sun set on the ride back to home base. Don’t worry, you’ll be still be able to take that perfect sunset instagram selfie.


$100/rider approx. 2 hrs 15min.
(spend approx. 45 minutes on the beach. Riders must arrive no later than 4:45pm. Tour begins promptly at 5pm.)